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Quantum Pest Management provides a reliable pest control service that will put the necessary time to service your business thoroughly. Our 18 years of experience servicing the Food Supply industry, retail stores, hospitality buildings, and restaurants, combined with our knowledge of food safety regulations and third-party audit standards, make us a valuable partner in ensuring the safety and quality of the products handled in your facility.

We always find better solutions to control pest issues, minimizing the use of pesticides, to ensure our client’s safety and provide a safer environment.

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With our 18 years of experience servicing Food Supply businesses, a wealth of experience in providing effective pest control solutions, and servicing buildings from warehouses to processing-manufacturing plants, Quantum Pest Management approaches pest issues with IPM methods that are friendly to our environment and safe for the people.

Third-party audits are conducted to ensure further the safety and quality of the Food Supply facilities. Quantum Pest Management is familiar with various audit standards such as SQF, BRC, AIB, and compliance audits by the Los Angeles Health Department.

We promise to have your facility always Audit Ready to ensure that your pest management program meets regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance with food safety regulations and helping your facility maintain its certification and high audit scores.

Also, We offer a variety of residential pest control solutions, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and one-time services; we adjust to your necessities to keep your home safe from pests all year round. Quantum pest management service includes a thorough inspection of your home to identify the conducive conditions to pest problems; after the inspection, we will offer the best solution to control or eliminate the pest problems at your home.


Quantum Pest Management utilizes the latest technology to service commercial buildings, providing real time reports printed or emailed, barcoded devices, trend reports, schematic of the pest program with all the devices, quarterly and annual assessments, client portal, pre-audit monthly check list, all this to assure our clients are ready for an audit 365 days a year.


Our constant communication with our clients is essential to maintain our standards higher than expected, we will always contact our clients at the moment of our arrival to their premises, and at the moment of completion of services to debrief our clients about the service we performed, always with recommendations about pest management, food safety, sanitation and structural deficiencies we may have found.

We are open to any question or concerns our clients may have at any time 365 days a year.


Our pest management program is designed to maintain our client premises free of pests in a long term, Quantum approach is always intended using less to none pesticides when possible, especially in sensitive areas such as the interior of buildings that manufactures human consumption products. We care about the people that can be sensitive to pesticides, your safety is our goal.

We provide services to businesses that hold Organic Certifications complying with all their requirements, including an Approved Organic Pesticide List.

Our Vision

To bring peace of mind to all our customers, maintaining their environments free of pests, minimizing the use of pesticides, and providing a service with integrity.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to provide a World Class Service to all our customers, whether it is a commercial building, food processing plant or a residence. 

We will guarantee to give you peace of mind, controlling/eliminating pests using integrated pest control methods, minimizing the use of pesticides maintaining a safe and sustainable environment, delivering ourselves with integrity and dedication.

Cmercial pest Control
Customer Satisfaction 95%
Residential Pest Control
Customer Satisfaction 85%
Pest management services in Los Angeles

With our 18 years of experience servicing Food Supply businesses, a wealth of experience in providing effective pest control solutions.

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